A cost-effective vinyl sports floor with outstanding wood visuals and solid colors.

Color Options

A close up image of a wood floor.

Golden Blonde

AVE 08

A close up image of a red leather texture.

Ruby Red

AVE 06

A close up image of a grey leather texture.

Dolphin Grey

AVE 07

A close up of a blue leather texture.

Presidential Blue

AVE 03

A diagram of a wooden plank with numbers on it.

100% Vinyl Wear Layer

  • Superior durability
  • Resistance to wear and scratches

Maple Visual

  • With the look & feel of real wood!

Reinforced Glass Fiber Inner Layer

  • Excellent dimensional stability

Closed Cell Foam Backing

  • Excellent shock-absorption, superior stability, and good energy return
  • Active Pro’s 85’ rolls ensure no cross seams on BB courts
  • A multi-layered vinyl floor covering, ideal for Sports
  • Compact closed cell foam backing
  • Glass fiber reinforcement
  • Embossed PVC wear layer
  • Printed wood design
  • Superior dimensional stability
  • Rapid restoration of the foam layers
Shock absorption.

Shock Absorption

Measures the floor’s ability to reduce the force of impact. Increased shock absorption translates to a safer floor, reducing the risk of long-term injuries.

Vertical deformation.

Vertical Deformation

Measures the floor’s ability to deform or “give” when an athlete jumps or falls. Too much “give” is like running on sand and is unstable, while too little may result in immediate injuries on impact or falls.

The logo for ball bounce consistency.

Ball Bounce

Measures the accuracy of the vertical ball behavior. The higher and more uniform the ball rebound, the better playability.

A pair of shoes with the words sliding coefficent.

Sliding Effect

Also referred to as coefficient of friction or slip-and-slide. It is the floor’s optimal level of grip and slide in all directions and allows for safe and easy movement or pivoting.

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